FAQ & Pics

There is a lot of really good info and pics on this FAQ page below. If you don't find the info your looking for, please submit a question online here and we will get back with you. 

What is a Custom Built Bumper?

Every bumper starts out as just a basic bumper, then you choose from all options seen on the shopping cart product page to allow you to build the bumper the way you want it, a fully-customized build as an upgrade for strength and utility. Made with the highest quality standards by experienced craftsmen using the latest technologies.


They are constructed with a 1/4" winch mount and mounting brackets, the remainder of front and rear bumpers are formed from 3/16" thick steel. The winch box will accept up to a 16,500 pound capacity winch for many models, both integrated and non-integrated solenoid winches will usually fit, ask for details on your vehicle. Go to our Videos & Blogs page for demos of various features described below

DIY Kits
We do all the CAD, plasma cutting, and forming of the parts, you will weld and finish everything yourself. This would include any swingarms, grill guards, and other accessories you order. This does require mature fabrication skills as you will be working with with tight tolerances. There is no warranty on DIY bumpers since we did not do the work. the system will apply the discount from the price once you select it on the product configuraiton page, use the provided promocode once you add to cart.

To proivide you with the best value, you can pick and choose what options are needed for your build. That way you're not paying for features you don't need. Price shown is for the base bumper and will go up from there depending on the options you choose, prices for each option are shown on the product page. The system will adjust sales tax based on where you live once you proceed to the final checkout page after it knows where you live, only GA residents are charged sales tax. 

Ordering Process:

Step 1: From the Navigation window on the left of the home page, click on the "+" sign to drill down to your specific make and model. 

Step 2: Click on your vehicle product page and select the front or rear bumper you are interested in, and configure it with the option you want from the various drop-down options listed. 

  • Each vehicle has a bumper designed specific to that make and model, all the options are exactly the same across all the models we offer. The sample pics you see are just a small set of examples, we may not have a pic of what you have in mind all the time, but you can view example below on this FAQ page to get an idea of what the option looks like.
  • You can mix and match any options you see and we will build your bumper that way.
  • A deposit can be made in lieu of full payment if you prefer. Full payment is required before your order ships.  

Step 3: Once your satisfied with the build you have selected, click "Add to Cart">>Continue>>Enter Billing/Shipping Info>>Enter Payment Info >>Submit

  • Note: To build more than one bumper or add accessories, simply add items to your cart by selecting the "Add to Cart" which then shows up in the upper right-hand corner. When you're done adding items to the cart, select "Checkout" by the Cart list and then "Continue" proceed to pay and submit your order. 

Step 4: Once your payment is processed and accepted, you will receive an email with your Invoice and we will take it from there to start the custom design and fabrication process you have specified on your order. :o)

How will my bumper be shipped?

Shipping is by LTL Freight (Less than Truckload) and the cost varies. The finished order is protectively wrapped in plastic wrap and cardboard and securely strapped to a pallet. We can ship to U. S. Military Bases, but cannot ship to APOs as military Bases are considered commercial addresses but have also been known to accumulate extra charges because of long delays getting onto the base. Be sure to read our Terms and Conditions for additional information. 

Variables such as weight, configuration, residential or business destination, and distance all affect the shipping price. Most accessories are drop shipped seperatly to the customer address. Due to a considerable variability in LTL freight shipping of our bumpers, shipping quotes are not available online. We will follow-up with you one your build is compete nd we have a quote form the trucking companies. 

Shipping and Handling fees:

Since every build is different, we cannot tell you the shipping cost up front until the bumper(s) is built, placed on a pallet, and weighed/measured. Select your shipping choice for quote or local pickup on the product order form online. Hawaii and all International will be quoted with an international carrier using intermodal transportation due to shipping distances and other variables. We ship to all US States, Canada, Australia, as well as all countries in Europe, and Central/South America. There is no such thing as "free shipping" in any universe, it always costs money, even Amazon pays to ship products to you, it's just buried in the price somewhere.

Business vs Residential

  • Business: This is an option for you if the business is in a certified business district, has a loading dock or fork lift, and has posted operating hours. You cannot call your home-based business at your house a business, the carriers will charge you for the added lift-gate fee
  • Residential: This is to any home or residence, a lift gate fee is applied by the carrier 

Save money with volume 

It cost very little extra to ship two bumpers instead of one. That could save you several hundred dollars depending on where it's going. So purchase front and rear at the same time if you're considering both, it really works to your advantage, or find a buddy or group order. 

What are the different Grill/Light Guard Options?

By definition a "Grill Guard" is the center section of a brush guard assembly positioned in front of the grill of the truck while the light guards are the outer tubes that protect the headlight and the corners of the truck. The grill guard is available in several styles, each center section style can come with OR without light guards. Please contact us if you have questions about this or want something custom not shown here. 

1) Plate Style Grill Guard with light guards
The flat uprights are cut from 1/4" plate with connecting tube at the top. This is a very strong design as the plate is fully welded along the bottom. Note: BLO cutout is discontinued.

Flat Bar Wrap add-on for plate style

Note the flat bar on the front and back edge of the plate, different than the example above. For this customer, we angled the plate style grill guard in the center to match the vehicle's grill, per the customer's request. 


2) What is the Hoop style grill guard?
Bent from DOM tube, 90 degree bends.


3) What is the "A" style Grill Guard?
Formed from DOM tube, but the tube is not bent to 90 degrees, but is bent to form an "A shape", which often goes well with the design lines of many vehicles, such as seen here on this Toyota. 

- Sample pic shown has the additional light guards around the headlights and an integrated light bar option in the middle for mounting off-road lights, not included with the basic "A" style grill guard.


4) What is the Pre-Runner style Grill Guard?

Similar to the Stinger style, but on the prer-unner the main hoop is leaned out from the bumper at about a 30 degree angle. This one has the exterior bars, or you can have two interior bars which form a "V" shape in the middle, both add additional strength and overall front end protection. 


5) What is the Full Width grill guard?

Using one piece of tube, the grill guard extends from side to side at the same height all the way across, whereas the optional light guards you can add to a grill guard which are set at a lower height, such as seen in the "A style" example.

6) What is the Stinger Grill Guard? 

Very similar to the Pre-Runner, but without the supporting corner pieces, also very similar to the A style hoop, but angles forward. This one also has the optional Integratrated Light Bar which comes with two tabs for mounting lights.


What are the Rear Multi-carrier Bumper options?

Our multicarrier is built using the same design approach for all the models we offer. The Multi-carrier adds the uncompromising and versatile power of a frame-mounted bumper with a swing away tire carrier and other options based on what you're looking for.

High Lift Jack Mount

New Jerry Can holder, this one is setup to hold two, can also be ordered in Single or Triple as well

This Colorado also had a custom winch box built into the rear

Single swingarm with Tire Carrier and Jerry Can, LED backup Lights, Brake/Turnsignal lights, shackle mounts, 2" receiver

Dual swingarms with Tire Carrier on passenger and Jerry Can on driver side, LED backup Lights, shackle mounts

Dual swingarms with Tire Carrier on passenger and driver side, LED backup Lights, Brake/Turnsignal lights, shackle mounts, 2" receiver


Built-in Receivers

A receiver can be added as an option to the rear, as seen above, and in the front bumper as well, as seen below. One use for a receiver in the front is for mounting a removable winch plate. Other uses for the front receiver could be launching a boat with a ball attachment, a winch plate (as seen below), or adding a storage rack for hauling coolers and bikes etc. For the rear, of course you can use the receiver it to tow small trailers and such, you can also include the 7-Pin plug.


Adding a receiver on the front can be used for Cargo, Bike Racks, parking a trailer or a portable winch plate.


Lighting Options:

What is the Light Bar vs a Light Hole cutout/Built-in lights?
The light bar is a place to mount additional lights over the winch box. It will either run between the uprights bars on the grill guard or will be formed and attach to the top of the winch bumper if you are not ordering a grill guard. The light bar is designed to handle two lights. The light bar is a 1" diameter tube designed to mount lights in the center of the bumper (lights not included). It is available with or without a grill guard. Not available on all models.  Additional light tabs can be ordered and the tab locations can be customized, please contact us prior to placing your order.

Built-in lights/cutouts
The Light Hole cutouts/Built in Lights are precision cut by computer and include a mounting tab inside the bumper to accommodate a variety of aftermarket lights.
Light specs for 5" and 4" based on these lights
- 5" KC Apollo PRO
- 4” Rigid 360 Series
Note: We can order them for you or you provide you own, If you want a different light make sure the dimensions and mounting data is compatible, if not you can request a custom light setup, standard fees apply

Can I reuse the factory fog lights that came with my truck?
No, the factory lights snap into the bumper using very specific plastic tabs and do not mount like after-market off-road lights do, rendering them unusable. Please select from the dropdown option on your vehicles product page to choose which light combination you want when ordering your bumper.  If you wish to use a different light than what we offer, you can order the cutouts only option, as seen here and get your own choice of light after you get your bumper. 

 Inner and Ourter light configuration 6" and 5" example, mix and match types of lights is available  


What are Rubber Dock Bumpers?
These are useful for when you anticipate you may be frequently bumping or pushing things around. Protects the paint finish and whatever you may bump up against, like another vehicle or something. Bolts through the 3/16" steel bumper face.

Recovery Tow Points: Shackle Mounts

This option is for recovery when you need to be pulled or you want to pull someone out of a tough spot. The tow points are fully welded onto the steel bumper providing a secure spot to attach a tow strap to. Shackle Mounts have a Shackle mounts have a 1" ID hole, 7/8" thick. A shackle with a .75 inch or a .875 inch pin will work. Designed to use with a screw pin type removable shackle. Ideal for using tow straps while on the trail. The removable shackles not included. Can be setup for flat-towing bar as well, contact us for details. 

Recovery Tow Points: D-Rings

Welded on 1" diameter pivoting tow points. No one is going to steal them and they're alway there when you are in need.

D Ring

Some bumpers may require minor welding or modifications, due to variations in some makes and models or fit and finish. Most will bolt right on to the frame with the brackets we provide, but some will require some minor modifications to the vehicles, mostly around the removal of the factory bumper brackets or drilling holes, etc. This is all detlaied in instructions we will provide. 

We recommend your new steel bumper be installed by a qualified technician.  Also, some rear bumpers will require some trimming of the license plate to line up to the mounting holes. All of our bumpers have custom mounting brackets/tabs/assemblies and will never reuse the factory mounting systems as provided. Some modifications including drilling and welding may be required for certain designs. We will provide instructions as needed and all the hardware is included with the bumper.

Winch: Your winch will mount in a standard (4) bolt pattern we include with all our winch bumpers if that option is selected. The depth of most of our winch boxes is 8" deep, accommodating almost every winch on the market, be sure to check the width and depth specs of your winch before you buy it. Call us if you have questions about a specific winch model. We also ask you for this information in the online order form. You can also use the built-in receivers for a portable winch plate for both the front (as seen above) as well as the rear.